We offer data appending for consumer & business databases. Get a better understanding of who your customers are.
Now you can easily match businesses that look like your best clients, measure your market penetration
and more.
The Florida List Company's data analysis and enhancement products provide you with valuable demographic and lifestyle information, giving you a better understanding of who your customers are. You'll be able to refine your marketing strategy, taking full advantage of your customers demographic and lifestyle characteristics. And, you'll be able to select prospects that match your best customer characteristics, increasing response rates and ROI.

Utilizing the latest data analysis and enhancement tools ensures the greatest return on your direct marketing investments by enhancing your companies ability to acquire, retain and develop new customers.

Some of our popular data analysis & enhancement services include:
• Append Demographic & Lifestyle Data
• Append Phone Numbers
• Reverse Append (Postal Address)
• Append SIC / NAICS Codes
• Append Email Addresses
• Life Stage Segmentation
• GeoMapping
• RFM Analysis
• Response Analysis
• Market Penetration Analysis
• Customer Profile Analysis
• Regression & Response Modeling

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Maximize the power of your customer data using the latest profiling and
modeling tools.
Our Database Marketing Specialists can
show you how to take advantage of the
latest modeling and profiling techniques.

Now you can predict customer behavior
using RFM. If you capture purchase
information, then you should consider
this powerful database marketing technique.

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