Boomers represent over
25% of Florida's population.
That translates into a huge
opportunity for savvy marketers.
Tap into one of Florida's fastest growing consumer markets. We'll show you how.
The Florida List Company's Consumer Database
contains over 12 million consumers and more than
7 million households, so you'll have complete coverage
of all 67 Counties within the state of Florida. With
purchase history, demographics, lifestyles, and life stage
segmentation, you'll have over 100 different segment
groups to identify, target and reach your top prospects.

Some of our most requested consumer segments include:
• New Homeowners
• Homeowners Mortgage Database
• Families with children
• Charity Donors
• Golfers
• Households by Ethnicity
• Households by Credit Score
• Investors
• Wealthy Households
• Frequent Vacationers
• Occupant/Resident List
• Seniors
• Boat Owners

With the assistance of our List Experts, you'll have
no problem identifying, targeting and reaching prospects
with the highest propensity to purchase your product or

Find out more about our clean, accurate
consumer lists.

The Florida List Company has extensive experience working with Florida Real Estate and Mortgage Businesses.
Our database has over 50 selects available so you can pinpoint homeowners with the highest propensity to respond to your offer.

Now you can target households based on their Life Stage. Let our List Experts show you how this powerful segmentation tool can improve your marketing program.

Every year, millions of Floridians experience
a change in life stage, and many of these
transitions bring opportunities.

With our lists,
finding Seniors with
the highest propensity to purchase your product or service has never been easier.
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